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What is life coaching?

Life coaching is the process of helping you unlock your full potential, and become the truest version of yourself so you can live in alignment with who you really are. 

And I'm here to help you live out your wildest dreams and overcome your limiting beliefs! 

What if saying YES to who you really are, brings you more happiness? More money? More opportunities? More freedom? More authenticity? More love?

Imagine if...

- you lived OUT your craziest dreams without anything holding you back.

- you figured what you were truly capable of.

- you enjoyed time with yourself, others, and God WITHOUT any guilt or shame.

- you embraced ALL parts of who you were and carried unstoppable confidence from within.

- you were no longer limited by the false beliefs that were placed in your early life.


- you were LIBERATED from the fear of rejection, embarrassment, and judgement. 

-  just being you can bring true aligned abundance in your life.  

It's such an amazing feeling when you can say a FULL YES  FROM YOUR HEART  to who you are as you UNCOVER ALL YOUR POTENTIAL within you, and be the TRUEST VERSION of yourself. I'm here to support you in every step of your way! 


- You have a dream --- big, wild, and crazy one. And you want to make your dreams into a reality but you don't know how to execute them and take the big leap.

- You are comfortable at where you are, but you want to go out of your comfort zone to uncover your full potential.

- You want to own your story and shine confidence from within but you're surrounded by fear -- the fear of judgement, embarrassment, failure. 

- You feel stuck at your job, relationships, and school, but deep in your heart, you know you are done playing small, and you're ready to rise.

- You want to serve others and make big impact, but feel exhausted, and scared. 



- You are just SO READY for the next level you, SO READY for all your wildest dreams to come true, and SO READY TO unblock yourself from fears and limiting beliefs. 


- go through major perspective change in how you view yourself, others, work, and money which will then shift your reality from the inside.

- restore your self esteem, and learn to be courageous even when fears come again.

- enjoy being the fullest expression of who you are and  celebrate, embrace, forgive, love yourself unapologetically. #ConfidenceRestored

- find your purpose in life and live in alignment with who you really are. 

- release all the limiting beliefs that are holding you back & live in your truth. (Some common examples of limiting beliefs include: 1) All the good men/women are taken, 2) Money brings argument  3) If I become myself, people won't accept me who I am 4)  To be worthy, I need to achieve big things.) 

- Avoid self -sabotaging patterns that keep you in a negative cycle. You will learn to find the root cause of the problem and how to deal with them in a healthy way. 



We will schedule a weekly coaching session through Zoom where you will be fully supported in your rising! 

(1-2 hours each session)

I offer 1 month, 3 month, 6 month coaching packages. 


This is where you can PERSONALIZE your coaching session. We all have different needs in our personal development journey, and during our 1:1 call, you get to CHOOSE your OWN intention/objective for each call. 


You will have UNLIMITED access to me between your sessions,  because life doesn't just happen on a Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. It can happen anytime & anywhere! Use this feature to call/text me whenever you need support! 


Through effective and personalized coaching, you will be able to witness yourself gaining confidence, being more aligned, and being firmly grounded in your truth.

#ConfidenceRestored #YourCupIsFull #PowerofLoveisReal #DreamsReallyComeTrue 





Beginning of each session, I will lead us with empowering LIVE meditation.  This process keeps you away from all the distractions, and allow you to tune into your heart, and your goals.  It brings self- awareness, empowerment, and healing. 

2) #FindYourPassion Mini Training

Although I was teaching for 5 years in a classroom, I didn't know I had a burning desire and unique gift in coaching until I GOT OUT OF MY WAY! This training will help you discover what you like (passion), what you're good at (gift), and ways to monetize ($$$) your gifts, because I know everyone is a genius at something. 

3) 35  Self-love + Money Affirmations 

Oftentimes, our ego freaks out when we are about to rise, and it's our full time job to remind ourselves the truth. Our inner critic can say something like, "You are not enough,"  "You need to get other people's approval first to be worthy," OR  "Money always brings argument. " And when we are under this kind of attack, it's hard to think of positive words to replace the negativity. And that is exactly why I created this amazing SELF LOVE + MONEY AFFIRMATIONS that can help you at that moment. These powerful affirmations will  bring you back to the truth and help you stay grounded! We are no longer AVAILABLE for all the lies that fear tells us! 

100% Money Back

14- Day Money Back Guaranteed 

After working with me and implementing strategies, if you still don't see results, I will provide you with a full refund within 14 days of the purchase. 




I have been teaching as an elementary school teacher for the past 5 years and I am also a life coach for young adults.

I use my unique story and years of teaching strategies that I have gained in the classroom to design detailed curriculum in life-coaching to help young adults unlock their full potential, and become the truest version of themselves so they can live in alignment with who they are. 


Many people say that there are things they wish they had learned in school but they didn't ㅡ like making money, loving themselves, managing anxiety, how to get back up from failure, coping with guilt/shame, and how to restore self-esteem. And these were the exact things that I've always been passionate about, and that's why I expanded my support and influence to all of you! 


All my kids know that I'm a life coach so I live that out in my classroom, and all my clients know that I'm a teacher. I use all my talents, gifts, passion to bring the best in people because I believe in making a difference. 


I am a teacher, and an badass life coach.

I am here to support you in every step of your rising! ❤️

"The moment you realize the gifts within you, and decide to use them, the lights turn on, and the party begins."

Ina Kim 

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