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Your Double P:

Power & Potential

Become unstoppably confident

as you unleash your 



You have a million dollar worth potential, purpose, and dream. And I mean it. 

You know you're meant for so much more.

You can literally walk into a room and change the atmosphere because of the power within you.


There is power in what you THINK.

There is power in what you SAY.

There is power in WHO YOU ARE.

I truly think you can be the channel of transformation and make impact by living out your purpose and sharing your unique story. 

Your DNA is NOT a mistake.

Your dreams within you are there for a reason.

You showing up as the most authentic version of you benefits everyone. 

Calling all

dreamersleaders, & courageous souls

Do you want to go after your dreams without fear, shame, and guilt holding you back?


Do you want  to align your power and potential with your reality?

Do you want to own who you are truly meant to be so you no longer live in self doubt?

Are you ready to make your passion greater than the fear of judgement, fear of being seen, or fear of failure?

Confidence is the best outfit you can wear, and

let's bring back your full POWER AND POTENTIAL! 

Imagine if...

  • You unapologetically showed up everyday and confidently walked in your truth. 

  • You had a clear PURPOSE and vision for your life.

  • You turned from being insecure to being firmly GROUNDED in your truth

  • You were NO longer STUCK in relationships, work, and life! 

  • You released all the limiting beliefs about yourself, money, love and creativity, and feel LIBERATED, and ALIGNED.

  • You exactly knew what you wanted in life! 

  • Your dreams turned into a REALITY. 

And this is exactly why I created this course. Because I want you to return back to who you are truly meant to be and BE UNLEASHED! 

🎉Introducing my new signature course,

Unleash Your Full Power and Potential!🎉


Unleash Your Full Power and Potential

Unleash Your Double P : Power and Potential is a 5 week 1 : 1 private coaching course designed to help you : 
  • gain confidence
  • know and own who you are
  • liberate yourself from self-limiting beliefs
  • use your unique story/ gifts to make impact  
  • live in complete alignment with who you are
  • have eye-opening perspectives on money, love, creativity
  • live fully unleashed and gain your power back! 
  • become unstoppable in living out your dreams! 

How it works &

What's Included

1. The Course: In this course, you will be receiving 20 - 30 minute LIVE lesson for each of the module along with the empowering 1:1 coaching, so you can integrate the knowledge and coaching together. (30 minutes)

2. 1:1 Private Coaching: After the lesson is delivered, you will be getting 1:1 coaching from me, where you can be fully supported in your personal areas of growth. This is where you can ask questions, share challenges, get personalized feedback, and solutions. (60 minutes)

3. Unlimited Support: You will have UNLIMITED access to me between your sessions,  because life doesn't just happen on a Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. It can happen anytime & anywhere! Use this feature to call/text me whenever you need support! 

4. Transformation: Through this course, you will be able to WITNESS yourself transforming as you UNLEASH your power and potential! Every step counts, and allow yourself to receive, change, and return back to who you are meant to be.


Love you, believe in you! 

What you will learn in the course: 

Module 1: Own Who You Are and Who You Are Meant to be. ($229 value)

When you love and own who you are, your dreams just become an extension of who you are. 

In this module, you will learn to DISCOVER what is truly in your heart. Self discovery is going to give you a STARTING POINT of where and HOW this journey can begin. And from the authentic starting point, you will set your goals, and uncover your gifts, experiences, dreams with the unique framework that I created.  After this module, you will walk away knowing that even "embarrassing" pieces of your life could be your SUPERPOWERS.

💖Loving yourself creates freedom, wisdom, and fun. 
🤓Learning about yourself creates opportunities to grow and shine.
🧐Viewing your life in the lens of love, not fear unleashes all your potential! 

Module 2: Gain Your Power Back As You Release Self Limiting Beliefs! ($229 value)

Now you know who you are, let's bring back your power!  You have the power to RE-ARRANGE your energy, and REWRITE your narrative. You’re meant for so much success, love, and abundance. You are meant to live in the fullest expression of who you are. You showing up as the most authentic self is when you shine the brightest. Why? Because NOTHING is a waste! EVERYTHING contributes to where you are going. 


This module will help you clear away all your limiting beliefs and misunderstandings about who you are, because the truth is that you have UNLIMITED power within you. I will share with you how you can identify your powers and use them in a HEALTHY way, how you can rewrite your CLAM stories (unique framework), and get in ALIGNMENT with who you are to gain your power back! 

Module 3: Become  Irresistibly Confident ($229 value)

Just saying the title of this module makes me excited! True confidence is showing up while embracing ALL parts of who you are -- your awkwardness, double chin, short arms, too-muchness, introverted personality, weaknesses and strengths, and your crazy past, ALL of them! As you learn to embrace all parts of you, confidence will be a NATURAL OUTFLOW of you being you!


This module will help you build confidence routines, replace fears that are holding you back, and adapt practical strategies to release shame and guilt so you can become irresistibly confident! 

Module 4: Return Back To Who You Are ($229 value)

Yes, I'm talking about returning back to BEFORE you were hurt, betrayed, embarrassed of who you were, and felt stuck. Before people told you how you should behave, who to love and not to love, and what kind of life you should and should not live. Can we go back home to who we are and allow ourselves to heal and stay grounded in our truth?  I will share with you how I returned back to who I am, how I dealt with my own resistance, and how I was able to heal and feel home to who I am, and how YOU too can return back HOME to who you are! 

Module 5: Graduation Week! ($229 value#Unleashedandready

It's time to CELEBRATE. In this module, you will be mapping out your visions and dreams and your financial goals. I will be there to guide you step by step to integrate everything that we have covered together in this course for you to execute your dreams in full alignment with who you are. You will also get a  Live Out Your Dream Workshop to support you to be #unleashedandready.  Also, this is your time to ask any questions about the course, resources, and what it can look like moving forward! 


You are worthy to dream big. You're safe, loved, and whole. Even when you make a mistake, nothing will change that truth. 


Purple - Blue Gradient


Beginning of each session, I will lead us with empowering LIVE meditation.  This process keeps you away from all the distractions, and allow you to tune into your heart, and your goals.  It brings self-awareness, empowerment, and healing. 

Bonus 2) 35  Self-love + Money Affirmations ($98 VALUE)  

Oftentimes, our ego freaks out when we are about to rise, and it's our full time job to remind ourselves the truth. Our inner critic can say something like, "You are not enough,"  "You need to get other people's approval first to be worthy," OR  "Money always brings argument. " And when we are under this kind of attack, it's hard to think of positive words to replace the negativity. And that is exactly why I created this amazing SELF LOVE + MONEY AFFIRMATIONS that can help you at that moment. These powerful affirmations will  bring you back to the truth and help you stay grounded! We are no longer AVAILABLE for all the lies that fear tells us! 

Bonus 3)  Two  1:1 Private Life Coaching Sessions

($300 VALUE) (Limited Spots Available)

This is the most EXCITING BONUS I'm offering! You will get TWO 1:1 private life-coaching sessions with me! This is where you can PERSONALIZE your coaching sessions. We all have different needs in our personal development journey, so during our 1:1 call, you can CHOOSE your OWN intention/objective for each call. It will be an amazing way to EXTEND support in the areas of your growth even AFTER the course (Unleash Your Full Power & Potential ) ends. 




($1,671 VALUE) 

Refund Policy ⤵

100% Money Back

14- Day Money Back Guaranteed 

After working with me and implementing strategies, if you still don't see results, I will provide you with a full refund within 14 days of the purchase. 


#1: "I am not qualified enough to

accomplish my dreams and goals." 

Truth: Your are enough. Your personality, your story, your DNA, your life experiences, and your achievements are all there for a reason, and when you start to OWN who you really are, your dreams and goals become an EXTENSION of WHO YOU ARE! 

#2: "If I stand out, I am going to be

judged, and hated." 

Truth: When you shine, everyone benefits. Imagine if your favorite author decides to dim her light because she's so scared of judgement. You would be so sad, right? Just like that, when you shrink, no-one benefits. You are safe to rise, level-up, and shine. 

#3: Fear of the unknown.

Truth: A lot of the things that you've gone through probably once were in the unknown. But you took that leap of faith, and overcame the fear of the unknown. Just like that, I was really scared of taking action upon my dream, but once I took action and created momentum, the magic unlocked.

#4: "I can't change my life." 

Truth: Thomas Jefferson says "If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done." Through your action, change can happen. There are many forms of miracles, and one of them is a shift in perception. Healthy perspectives on yourself, relationships, money, marriage, dreams will change your thoughts, and then the thoughts will change your actions, and your actions will create your new reality. 




I have been teaching as an elementary school teacher for the past 5 years and I am also a life coach for young adults.

I use my unique story and years of teaching strategies that I have gained in the classroom to design detailed curriculum in life-coaching to help young adults unlock their full potential, and become the truest version of themselves so they can live in alignment with who they are. 


Many people say that there are things they wish they had learned in school but they didn't ㅡ like making money, loving themselves, managing anxiety, how to get back up from failure, coping with guilt/shame, and how to restore self-esteem. And these were the exact things that I've always been passionate about, and that's why I expanded my support and influence to all of you! 


All my kids know that I'm a life coach so I live that out in my classroom, and all my clients know that I'm a teacher. I use all my talents, gifts, passion to bring the best in people because I believe in making a difference. 


I am a teacher, and an badass life coach.

I am here to support you in every step of your rising! ❤️

Are you ready? 

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