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Let's Speak Korean Workshop (3 hours)

Learn & be inspired & connect!

Join the Workshop

Are you traveling to Korea soon?

Do you want to practice speaking Korean?

Will you be studying abroad?

Will you be working abroad to Korea soon?  

Do you like watching K-dramas?  (I do!)

Do you like listening to K-pop? (I do!)

Are you taking a Korean language course 

and wanting more speaking practice?

Then this workshop is for you! 😉

Hey Gotties, are you ready to practice speaking Korean?  I know we don't get much time practicing Korean in our daily lives, so I prepared this workshop to create space to learn & apply & speak Korean. I will walk you through 40 phrases that are used in EVERYDAY CONVERSATION and do lots of ROLE- PLAYS! You will be given lots of opportunities to learn, speak, and interact with others!
Oh be ready to be motivated and inspired! 🔥


This workshop is held LIVE ON ZOOM so we can meet each other from all over the world! 🙈 You can turn on your videos, but if you feel shy, you don't have to. :) If you can't make it to our LIVE call, don't worry! We will send you the recording of the workshop and PDF slides (60 pages) to everyone's emails after the workshop.


In this 3 hour-workshop, we will

  • learn 40 ESSENTIAL Korean phrases that you will need for everyday conversation

  • Do fun role-plays and practice speaking Korean. (We won't focus on reading or grammar on this workshop. I want us to speak much Korean as possible together!) 

  • Become friends! Meet other students who are also passionate about learning Korean! (You will be surprised how passionate our community is!)

  • Talk with native Korean speakers!

  • Have access to informative, colorful, and fun slides that include all the speaking phrases you can review after the workshop. The slides will have Korean phrases, pictures, and English romanization with fun examples. 

  • Be inspired, motivated, and be empowered more than ever! Fire energy is contagious! :) 

Are You Ready to Practice Speaking Korean?

Let's Speak Korean Workshop.png
I'm ready to join!


Hi I'm Ina!

I am a certified teacher with bilingual authorization in Korean, former 3rd grade teacher, life coach, and course creator!  I am an expert at what I do, and I truly enjoy teaching! 

My goal is to make learning fun & simple, and make an impact in students' lives. 

I use years of teaching experience and various strategies that I have gained in the classroom to design detailed, engaging and comprehensible curriculum  for all of my courses. 


Hope to see you in class very soon! ❤️

" Ina is incredibly positive and welcoming in her approach which creates a very positive and energetic atmosphere. Even the most mundane of subject matter feel so lively and interesting in this class. She was incredibly patient and took the time to address anybody's questions and concerns in very respectful and thoughtful ways.”
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