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Speak Korean Workshop (3 hours)

Korean Temple
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Learn &
connect &
be inspired!

Are you traveling to Korea soon?

Do you want to practice speaking Korean?

Will you be studying or working abroad?

Do you like watching K-dramas or listening to K-pop? (I do!)

Are you taking a Korean language course 

and wanting more speaking practice?

Then this workshop is for you! 😉

Hey Gotties, are you ready to practice speaking Korean?  
I know we don't get much time to practice Korean in our daily lives, so I prepared this workshop to create space to learn & apply & speak real Korean.

I will walk you through
 300 PHRASES that are used in EVERYDAY CONVERSATION in 3 hours. You will be given lots of opportunities to learn, speak, and interact with others! Be ready to be motivated and inspired! 🔥

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This workshop is held LIVE ON ZOOM so we can meet each other from all over the world! 🙈 You can turn on your videos, but if you feel shy, you don't have to. :)

If you can't make it to our
LIVE call, don't worry!

We will send you the recording of the workshop and PDF slides (70 pages)
to everyone's emails after the workshop.



In this 3 hour-workshop, we will

  • learn 300 ESSENTIAL Korean phrases that you will need for everyday conversation

  • Do fun role-plays and practice speaking Korean. (No grammar, no reading, no writing. Let's speak as much Korean as possible together!) 

  • Become friends! Meet other students who are also passionate about learning Korean! (You will be surprised how passionate our community is!)

  • Talk with native Korean speakers!

  • Have access to informative, colorful, and fun slides that include all the speaking phrases you can review after the workshop. The slides will have Korean phrases, pictures, and English romanization with fun examples. 

  • Be inspired, motivated, and empowered more than ever! Our fire energy is contagious! 🔥

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 Are You Ready to Practice Speaking Korean? 

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👇🏼 Course Students' Feedback ❤️

Meet your teacher!

Imagine a classroom that you look forward to coming every week. A classroom where you can be yourself. A classroom where mistakes are allowed, and you don't feel judged or ashamed. A classroom where you feel so empowered and supported that you not only learn Korean but discover your own potential. I will be that guiding light in that classroom. 

Hi there! I'm Ina and I believe in the power of education to transform lives and make a positive impact. I am a certified teacher, former 3rd grade teacher, life coach, and course creator! With years of experience as a teacher, specializing in Korean and holding bilingual authorization, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our virtual classroom. 

This is my 8th year teaching with passion and love and my goal is to make learning unforgettably fun and meaningful. 

Join me in this educational experience, and let's make learning an exciting and empowering journey together! I can't wait to meet you in class. See you soon! 💖

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