This ebook includes 280+ practical Korean phrases you can use anywhere!

Whether you are traveling to Korea, speaking to a Korean friend, taking a class to improve your Korean, or trying to understand more phrases while watching K-dramas, this book will be your perfect guide to learn practical Korean phrases we use in everyday life. I also included videos of me pronouncing all the phrases, so feel free to follow along as you read this book. Enjoy!


Take a look inside the book! 👀⬇️ (Sound on!)

What is included in this PDF/Ebook

  • 3 Forms of Speech in Korean

  • Audio Book

  • Basic Phrases

  • Common Phrases

  • Survival Phrases

  • Traveling Phrases

  • Restaurant Phrases

  • Coffee Shop Phrases

  • Shopping Phrases

  • Direction Phrases

  • Phone Call Phrases

  • Phrases to Make Friends

  • Dating Phrases

  • Encouraging Phrases

  • Compliment Phrases

  • Sickness Phrases

  • Common Questions

  • Hobby Phrases

  • Celebration Phrases

  • Bonus Pages


  • Korean language

  • Practical Korean phrases

  • Learning new vocabulary

  • Korean grammar phrases

Bonus pages: 

  • My top picks- Korean drama

  • Korean food you must try

  • Korean slang

  • Korean texting slang

  • Hand-written Korean alphabet chart


  • 70 pages 

Learning level:

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced 


  • $̶4̶5̶  → $28

Resource Type: 

  • Ebook

  • PDF

  • Video audio files included

Audio Book Included! (Adjustable Speed)

I'm so excited to announce that this book comes with fun videos! Each video is divided into subtopics, and you can find them on the cover pages for each chapter. This will help you with pronunciation, tones, and deeper understanding of the language. Follow along as you watch the videos. Enjoy!


Just keep in mind that English romanization does not accurately represent Korean sounds because English sounds and Korean sounds are not the same. There are also some sound rules in Korean that the romanization in this book does not show. For example, if there is a final consonant (Batchim) in a letter, and the next syllable starts with ㅇ, we carry over the Batchim sound. So please make sure to listen to the audio files attached on the cover pages of each chapter to practice accurate pronunciation. 

Preview of the Cover Pages



Hi I'm Ina!

I am a certified teacher with bilingual authorization in Korean, former 3rd grade teacher, life coach, and course creator!  I am an expert at what I do, and I truly enjoy teaching! 

My goal is to make learning fun & simple, and make an impact in students' lives. 

I use years of teaching experience and various strategies that I have gained in the classroom to design detailed, engaging and comprehensible curriculum  for all of my courses. 


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