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Korean reading made simple!

This guide will help you learn Korean in just a week. Read Korean menus, K-drama subtitles, and text messages from your Korean friends! 

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I have received so many questions about reading Hangul(Korean) on my Q&A and comments, so I put together everything I have been teaching on TikTok in this PDF so you can have everything together in one file. This book will guide you step by step on how to read Korean from the basic consonants and vowels to the sentence structure of Korean.  Reading Korean is the most important first step to take when you first start learning Korean. I also attached my handwritten anchor chart at the end of this book as a bonus! Enjoy, loves! 

This PDF can be used as:
Posters! Printables
WorkbookAnchor Chart!

⤵️ Take a look inside! Sound on! 🔊

⤵️ Preview of just a few pages!


What's included in this e-book: 
✔️ Basic Korean consonants
✔️ Double consonants
✔️ Basic Korean vowels
✔️ Compound vowels (double vowels)
✔️ Understanding ㄹ sound
✔️ Understadning ㅇ sound
✔️ Order of reading Korean
✔️ Words that start with each consonant
✔️ Batchim (final consonant)+ examples
✔️ Sentence structure+ examples
✔️ Stroke order of the Korean alphabet
✔️ Korean alphabet writing practice pages

And 40 + Vocabulary Words!

Learning level:

  • Basic Korean

  • Beginner


  • Reading Korean 

  • Learning new vocabulary


  • 37 pages 


  • Hand-written anchor chart ($15 value)

Resource Type: 

  • Printable PDF File

  • Ebook

  • Organized Chart

Special Price: 

  • $7



You got this! ❤️ Happy learning, scholars!

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