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Korean reading made simple!

This guide will help you learn Korean in just a week. Read Korean menus, K-drama subtitles, and text messages from your Korean friends! 

3rd Edition

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Upon payment, you will receive the PDF in your email right away.

If you’re on the journey of learning Korean, the very first thing I recommend is to master the Korean alphabet and its sounds so you can sound like a native Korean when you eventually start building sentences.


Starting to learn Korean without first learning the alphabet is like trying to eat food without teeth! Can you imagine that?


I want everyone to begin reading Korean FIRST so that when you’re ready to make sentences, you have a strong language foundation that will help you become fluent in Korean.


The eBook will guide you from the basic consonants and vowels to reading Korean sentences step-by-step.


Take one page at a time and master the Korean alphabet and phonics with me.

This PDF can be used as:
Posters! Printables
WorkbookAnchor Chart!

⤵️ Take a look inside! Sound on! 🔊

⤵️ Preview of just a few pages!


What's included in this e-book: 
✔️ Basic Korean consonants
✔️ Double consonants
✔️ Basic Korean vowels
✔️ Compound vowels (double vowels)
✔️ Confusing Korean Sounds (ㄱ,ㄹ,ㅇ,ㅅ)
✔️ Combining consonants and vowels to make words
✔️ Order of reading Korean
✔️ Words that start with each consonant
✔️ Batchim (final consonant) + examples
✔️ Sentence structure+ examples
✔️ Stroke order of the Korean alphabet
✔️ Korean alphabet writing practice pages

And 40 + Vocabulary Words!


  • Reading Korean 

  • Writing Korean

  • Learning new vocabulary

Learning level:

  • Basic Korean

  • Beginner

Resource Type: 

  • Printable PDF File

  • Ebook

  • Organized Chart


  • 60 pages 


  • Hand-written alphabet anchor chart ($12 value)

  • Hand-written Korean numbers anchor chart ($12 value)


  • Regular Price: $̶1̶5̶ USD

  • TODAY'S Price: $7 



You got this! ❤️ Happy learning, scholars!

Meet your teacher!

Imagine a classroom that you look forward to coming every week. A classroom where you can be yourself. A classroom where mistakes are allowed, and you don't feel judged or ashamed. A classroom where you feel so empowered and supported that you not only learn Korean but discover your own potential. I will be that guiding light in that classroom. 

Hi there! I'm Ina and I believe in the power of education to transform lives and make a positive impact. I am a certified teacher, former 3rd grade teacher, life coach, and course creator! With years of experience as a teacher, specializing in Korean and holding bilingual authorization, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our virtual classroom. 

This is my 8th year teaching with passion and love and my goal is to make learning unforgettably fun and meaningful. 

Join me in this educational experience, and let's make learning an exciting and empowering journey together! I can't wait to meet you in class. See you soon! 💖

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