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A Personalized Coaching Video from Your Personal Cheerleader

May Special 

Your personalized coaching videos are now available for the month of May! 

Experience a glimpse of my empowering coaching

through videos made JUST FOR YOU!  

What's included?

* a 5- 10 minutes of PERSONALIZED coaching video that targets your specific area of need

(you can either send me a short description of what area of support you need, or we can discuss it over the phone)  

* access to up-lifting energy and powerful content from your coach (ME!) 

* a personalized coaching video that you can keep FOREVER! 

* a fresh perspective to shine in your journey of up-leveling

* amazing support from someone who fiercely believes in you

Investment: $22 (worth $65)

*You can order as many videos as you like, and you can also order one as a gift! 

I love making videos.

I love making a difference.

I love supporting people. 

"If you are ready to own who you are, discover all your potential,

free all your fears, and have all your dreams come true,

you know who to reach out!"

- Ina Kim -  

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