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1000+ Korean nouns in the palm of your hand.

Look no further than our
Korean Dictionary You Needed! 

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*No shipping is required as this is a digital product.

Upon payment, you will receive the PDF in your email right away.

Struggle #1:

All of the vocabulary resources are all over the place.

Where do you find the vocabulary you need? Textbook? Google Translate? Papago? Apps? Sometimes they all give different answers! 🤯 Often, those tools give inaccurate translations that native people don't use.


All-in-one essential vocabulary organized with ease.

We gathered all of the essential vocabulary that you need for everyday conversation and organized them into categories that are easily searchable in 5 seconds. 

Struggle #2

Boring and non-student focused resource.

Many textbooks are written for teachers and not for students. Memorization itself is overwhelming, but not having pictures or colors to go with each word is devastating.


Student-friendly textbooks with captivating images.

It is our mission to create the most student-friendly textbooks. Immerse yourself in a visual feast! Each noun is accompanied by a captivating image, enhancing your understanding and retention of Korean vocabulary like never before.

Struggle #3

You forget what you learned.

There is no accountability after learning vocabulary words.


Accountability through quizzes.

We made the quiz book as a bonus. The quiz book has ALL the vocabulary from the Korean Dictionary You Needed organized by each category. You can use these quizzes to quiz yourself and your friends or in the classroom.

After teaching thousands of students, I see 3 major struggles that students
have when it comes to vocabulary memorization. 

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K-Dictionary to expand your Korean vocabulary!

Do you learn better with pictures? 

Do you need an organized list of Korean vocabulary?

 Do you like charts, pictures, and creative learning?

Are you looking for an all-in-one guide to Korean vocabulary?

🧡  I got you!  🧡

In this e-book, you will be able to find: 

✔️ Family
✔️ Face
✔️ Body Parts
✔️ Internal Organs
✔️ Clothes
✔️ Shoes
✔️ Accessories
✔️ Jewelry 
✔️ Shopping 
✔️ Skin Care 
✔️ Makeup 
✔️ Point Office

✔️ Days of the Week
✔️ Months
✔️ Colors
✔️ Weather
✔️ Shapes
✔️ Jobs 

✔️ Hospital Workers
✔️ Hospital Tools 
✔️ Hospital Vocab

✔️ School Subjects

✔️ School Supplies
✔️ Math 

✔️ Types of Books 
✔️ Instruments 
✔️ Sports
✔️ Love Words
✔️ Korean Homonyms 
✔️ Popular Slang words
✔️ Phone
✔️ Texting Slang 
✔️ Computer 
✔️ Television
✔️ Movie Genres
✔️ Home
✔️ Room
✔️ Furniture 
✔️ Tableware 

✔️ Kitchen
✔️ Kitchen Appliances
✔️ Kitchen Utensils 
✔️ Bathroom 

✔️ Toilet 
✔️ Cleaning Supplies
✔️ Tools
✔️ Fruits
✔️ Vegetables

✔️ Types of meat 
✔️ Types of seafood 
✔️ Condiments
✔️ Western food
✔️ Asian food
✔️ Coffee

✔️ Drinks 
✔️ Alcohol
✔️ Dessert 
✔️ Places
✔️ Transportation
✔️ Directions

✔️ Nature
✔️ Wild animals 
✔️ Farm animals
✔️ Sea animals
✔️ Insects
✔️ Celebration
✔️ Holidays
✔️ Concert
✔️ Travel
✔️ Countries
✔️ Languages
✔️ Loanwords

 🫢 ​Sneak peek of just a few pages: 🫢
(154 pages in total)











Hello visual learners! I love menus with pictures, what about you?  Our captivating visuals will make your learning so much easier!



Korean Dictionary You Needed is designed in the most organized format divided into themes and categories.  

Equalizer Icon


If you don't have time to study, you can listen to the words while you're driving or cooking or even going to bed!


Fast Search

Don't spend more than 5 seconds searching for the words you need.

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This book comes with a QR code for each page.


This book comes with a QR code that links to an audio file. I recorded each chapter pronouncing each word so you can practice pronunciation and listening! You can listen to the audio at home, on the subway, while driving, and in class to support learning.

Just bring your camera near the QR code and practice!

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*No shipping is required as this is a digital product.

Upon payment, you will receive the PDF in your email right away.

What students say ❤️

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On top of the Korean Dictionary, we added



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Bonus #1:

All About Korean Numbers

Sino numbers,

native numbers,

measure words,

telling time,

big numbers...


Anything related to numbers is in this bonus book. Of course, the audio is included.

(Value $21)

Bonus #2:

Self-Guided Quiz book

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After learning the words from our dictionary, you can use this quiz book to keep yourself accountable!


Quiz yourself, quiz each other, and use it in the classroom to check for understanding.


Each quiz page comes with pictures and an answer key. 

148 pages total!

(Value $39)

A few pages from the quizzes...


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1000+ Korean Nouns .png
Quiz for 1,000 Korean Nouns (1).png
1000+ Korean Nouns .png

eBook - Korean Dictionary You Needed (Value $75)

Bonus #1 - All About Korean Numbers (Value $21)

Bonus #2 - Self-Guided Quiz Book (Value $39)

Investment for your Korean learning. 😉

*No shipping is required as this is a digital product.

Upon payment, you will receive the PDF in your email right away.

Add other helpful Korean books📚👇

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Buy all 5 e-Books + save!

 Book Bundle 

1. Read Korean Step by Step

2. Speak Korean Anywhere

3. 300 Must-Know Verbs in Korean

4. Korean Dictionary You Needed

5. South Korea Travel Guide

🤓 Total for all 5 e-Books: $215 USD (originally)

💖 With Book Bundle discount: $169 USD (get 21% OFF)

ONLY the bundle comes with 4 bonus books. 

The songs are so helpful and get stuck in my head. It makes me more confident in the phrases I am saying. (2).png

What students say ❤️


❤️ You got this, Gotties! ❤️

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What students say ❤️