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Welcome to 

Ina's Korean
Expression Accelerator

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After thinking about what you NEED the most after the Pro Beginner Class, I thought...

“We need to SPEAK MORE.” 

And to speak more, you need to learn more helpful EXPRESSIONS like these 👇

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In this course, we will focus on SPEAKING so you can walk away confidently expressing yourselves in Korean.

I have figured out the EASIEST way to help your expressions, and I will show you my secret method in my class! Shhhh. 🤫

Read Korean like a PRO (25).png

Imagine if you learn all the important Korean expressions that you can attach next to any verbs or any nouns.

Wouldn't that give you so much freedom in your speech?

In this Korean accelerator, you will be able to experience yourself accelerating through Korean essential expressions each week. You will get plenty of speaking opportunities for each expression.

Are you ready to join the

journey inside the




A few expressions a week will help you one step closer to being a native Korean.

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This is for students who...

✅ Ready to expand their vocabulary

✅ Want to express themselves with a variety of Korean phrases and grammar endings

✅ Already know how to read Korean

✅ Love Kdrama and Kpop and want to take their Korean to the next level 

✅ Tried learning on your own with apps and free videos but can't seem to understand Korean

✅ Need accountability & motivation to learn Korean

✅ Are looking for a professional and inspiring teacher to guide you through every step of your learning journey

✅ Love learning something new 

✅ Are willing to make mistakes and try your best

✅ Are ready to learn with a group of enthusiastic learners

✅ Need a safe community that share similar interests as you 

✅ Are passionate about learning Korean

 What you will learn: 

​✔️ Complete Korean Alphabet: Master consonants and vowels  and combine them to form words.

✔️ Speaking Skills: Learn to introduce yourself, express likes/dislikes, order food, and make purchases.

✔️ Vocabulary Expansion: Enhance your Korean word bank.

✔️ Sentence Structure and Grammar: Grasp the basics of constructing sentences in Korean.

✔️ Essential Verbs and Adjectives: Familiarize yourself with commonly used words

✔️ Korean Particles (은/는/이/가/을/를): Understand how to use them in sentences. ​

✔️ Weekly Speaking Practice: Engage with your group to have fun and apply what you learned in class. 

✔️ Must-Know Korean Phrases: Learn 20 essential phrases for everyday conversation. 

✔️...and much more

You will get access to:

✔️ 5 LIVE Interactive Group Classes (held once a week) 

This is my favorite part! I love meeting you and supporting you in our live classes. We will learn Korean as we sing, dance, work independently and work together. You will feel motivated and inspired to continue learning how to speak, write, and read Korean in just 5 weeks with real-time support and guidance. 

✔️ Google Classroom 

This is our virtual classroom! It is a very organized place where you can access all the resources, assignments, recommendations, class recordings, and slides all in one place. Teachers and students can make special announcements here as well. 

✔️ Community

Are you ready to meet a community of enthusiastic K-learners like you? I often see our course students becoming real-life friends and traveling together to Korea after taking my class. It's such a delight for me to witness you making lasting relationships through my courses. 

✔️ Zoom Recordings 

All of our live classes will be recorded in full for students who can't make it to the live classes. You can catch the replay anytime and download the lessons to your computer for life-time access. 

✔️ Unlimited Q & A and Support

For the 5 weeks while you take the course, you can get unlimited support from me and my team. At the end of each class, we have dedicated time for Q & A sessions, as well as email & Google Classroom support throughout the whole course! 

✔️ Personalized Feedback

Each week, you will receive interactive and fun homework to complete. We will keep you accountable, and you will receive personalized feedback on each of your assignments. Feedback always helps us grow, right? :) 

✔️ Exclusive Resources to Learn Korean (Bonus)

You will see our exclusive Korean library that includes short videos to help you with confusing sounds in Korean, recommended learning apps, a 150-page summary of class curriculum notes, and a 5-page cheat sheet for beginners.

($280 value)

✔️ Mouth Shape Mastery eBook (Bonus)

This is a special book that shows you the exact mouth shape you need to sound like a native Korean. Mastering the mouth shape is the key to mastering correct pronunciation in Korean. ($50 value)

✔️ Weekly Office Hours (Bonus) 

On top of the weekly live classes, you'll get access to the weekly (1 hour) office hours to have more speaking practice and ask any questions about Korean, and assignments so you can feel supported throughout the whole course. ($330 value) 

Class Schedule:

This course is 5 weeks long (weekly class held on Zoom) and each class is 2 hours long.

To be announced soon.

Class Size:

About 35 ~ 50 students will join per class so everyone can participate, interact, and ask questions.

After attending the class, you can re-watch the lessons as often as you would like. 

You will also have access to attend office hours (with my assistants) in smaller groups between each class to get extra help each week.

Whether you have forgotten a lot from our last courses, 

You are scared to pick it up again, 

You are not sure if you can be at this level, 

You lost your passion again,


Using the secret method I came up with, I will meet you where you are at and ease you into learning Korean again. 


1. Exclusive Korean Resources to Learn Korean: This includes exclusive videos to help you with confusing sounds in Korean, recommended learning apps, 150 page summary of class curriculum notes, and 5 page cheat sheet for beginners. ($280 value)

2. Weekly Office Hours in Small Groups: Not only we offer the weekly live classes, you can also attend weekly office hours to have more speaking practice and ask any questions about Korean, and assignments so you can feel supported throughout the whole course. ($330 value) 

3. Done for You Grammar Ending Flashcards: ???. ($50 value)

4. Most Used Korean Drama Phrases: ???. ($50 value)

Full refund available after first class if you're dissatisfied.

If you don't get in this time, please sign up for the IKEA waitlist.

This is what I have been up to:

  • Korean with Ina has grown so much over the past few years, we have been meeting thousands of students all over the world consistently!

  • We've published 5 Korean learning books!!! The MOST STUDENT FRIENDLY ones, of course!

  • We've been brainstorming and designing curriculum for you guys (after Pro Beginner)! Students who graduated ALL of my classes. 

  • We are working on a project that has pre-recorded lessons as we get so many requests of self-paced studying due to time conflicts! 

  • I've been missing my Pro Beginner graduates... A LOT. More than you can imagine. 

  • My teaching, and mindset has been the best they have ever been as I put SO MUCH effort everyday to better my skills and life! I can't wait to pour out ALL my gifts to you!!! If teaching is my calling, meeting you is my destiny. 

  • Our courses have developed so much!!!

What have you been up to after our Pro Beginner Class ended?


Lost motivation?

Lost? And missing our classes?

Reviewing notes from our classes?

Traveling to Korea with friends you met in my class?

Taking new Korean classes?

All of the above?

I treasure all of our memories... from the alphabet dance to making a full-on paragraph with you in Korean. From the struggles to fulfilling moments, I remember them all and I am so proud of you.

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