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All your favorite books in one bundle! 
Let's read Korean, speak Korean,
expand our vocabulary, and travel to Korea

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Buy the bundle and save $20!

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1. The Korean 101: Read Korean Step-by-Step eBook includes the Korean alphabet, everything you need to know to read Korean (consonants, vowels, double vowels, Batchim, writing practice pages and more), and 40+ vocabulary words for beginners.

2. Speak Korean Anywhere eBook includes 280+ practical Korean phrases you can use anywhere! Each chapter comes with a recorded video to help you with pronunciation, tones, and a deeper understanding of the language. You can follow along as you watch the videos. It's perfect for traveling to Korea, speaking to a Korean friend, and learning helpful phrases. This book is for all beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners.

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3. 300+ Must-Know Verbs in Korean eBook covers 300+ most useful Korean verbs for everyday conversation. It includes both action and descriptive verbs with helpful visuals and writing practice pages. Each level includes 10 verbs, and after each level, you can practice writing on the writing sheet provided for memorization. This book also comes with an audiobook that you can listen to and follow along for all 300+ verbs!

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4. All in One South Korea Travel Guide has the best recommendations for places to go, eat, shop, and stay! You will be able to find hotels, restaurants, cafes, shopping recommendations, and all the amazing places you must visit in South Korea! It will save you so much time and energy. It's a must-have book to make your trip to South Korea much more organized and enjoyable! 

🤓Total: $140 (originally)

💖With Book Bundle discount: $120 (save $20)

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On top of the Korean Dictionary, we added 
4 B O N U S

1000+ Korean Nouns .png

Bonus #1:

All About Korean Numbers

Sino numbers,

native numbers,

measure words,

telling time,

big numbers...


Anything related to numbers is in this bonus book. Of course, the audio is included.

(Value $21)

Bonus #2:

Self-Guided Quiz book

Quiz for 1,000 Korean Nouns (1).png

After learning the words from our dictionary, you can use this quiz book to keep yourself accountable!


Quiz yourself, quiz each other, and use it in the classroom to check for understanding.


Each quiz page comes with pictures and an answer key. 

148 pages total!

(Value $39)

A few pages from the quizzes...


20 Must Know Phrases.png

Bonus #3:

20 Must-Know Phrases in
Polite and Casual Forms. 

I put together 20 must-know Korean phrases that you need while traveling in Korea and when speaking to a native Korean.


I included both polite and casual forms for each phrase. 

(Value $23)

Bonus #4:

All Things Korean Food with Video links.

I compiled all of my cooking videos into one. We have recipes, food recommendations, restaurant recommendations, ingredient recommendations, and MORE!

(Value $37)

All things Food! (1).png

Welcome to the treasure box full of resources to learn Korean! 

Here is our collection of five ebooks that will help you master the Korean language. 

Let's open each of them together!

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1000+ Korean Nouns .png
Quiz for 1,000 Korean Nouns (1).png
1000+ Korean Nouns .png
20 Must Know Phrases.png
All things Food! (1).png
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eBook - Korean Dictionary You Needed (Value $75)

Bonus #1 - All About Korean Numbers (Value $21)

Bonus #2 - Self-Guided Quiz Book (Value $39)

Bonus #3 - Must-Know Phrases in Korean (Value $23)

Bonus #4- All Things Food (Value $37)

*No shipping is required as this is a digital product.

Upon payment, you will receive the PDF in your email right away.

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