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Without verbs, there can't be a sentence!

Ready to expand your vocabulary and learn the most essential 300 verbs we use every day? 

300 Korean Verbs You Will Need for Everyday Conversation!

You guys!!! This is my third book which includes 300 most useful Korean verbs you will need for everyday conversation. I handpicked each verb, and leveled it from the easiest to the most advanced. Each level includes 10 verbs, and after each level, you can practice writing on the writing sheet provided for memorization. Not only that, I also included an audio book that you can listen to and follow along. Enjoy! I love you!!! ❤️ 

This PDF can be used as: 
✔️Writing practice book
✔️Hard copy book (if you print it)
✔️Audio book (I recorded myself pronouncing all 300 verbs so you can follow along while listening) 

*No shipping is required as this is a digital product.

Upon payment, you will receive the PDF in your email.

⤵️Take a sneak peek inside the book! 

+ writing pages + audio files!!!

Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 5.26.06 AM.png


  • Korean verbs

  • Learning new vocabulary

  • Verb conjugation

  • Writing practice

Learning level:

  • Beginner to Advanced

Resource Type: 

  • Ebook

  • Audio book

  • Printable PDF File

  • Writing practice pages

  • Posters

  • Picture book


  • 120 pages


  • Hand-written anchor chart

  • 3 Themed Bonus verbs (taste, to wear, feelings) 

Special Price: 

  • $75 --> $55 (on sale)


You got this! ❤️ Happy learning, scholars!



Hi I'm Ina!

I am a certified teacher with bilingual authorization in Korean, former 3rd grade teacher, life coach, and course creator!  I am an expert at what I do, and I truly enjoy teaching! 

My goal is to make learning fun & simple, and make an impact in students' lives. 

I use years of teaching experience and various strategies that I have gained in the classroom to design detailed, engaging and comprehensible curriculum  for all of my courses. 


Hope to see you in class very soon! ❤️

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